BH Cosmetics – Missy Lynn Palette

Hi all,
Last in my BH Cosmetics haul is the Missy Lynn palette. Missy Lynn is another youtuber who has a collaboration with BH Cosmetics and created an eyeshadow and highlighter palette. I bought this palette as I thought this would be more suitable for my skin tone with the deeper colours and darker highlighters. I also love that there are neutrals and purples in the palette. There are also 2 highlighters in the palette which are very gold based. 

The eyeshadows are lovely but I can’t create a look using the multiple shadows but individually they are quite nice. The highlighters are deeper set in the palette than the shadows so I find it hard to use with my fan brush. I ended up getting way to much in the centre of my brush and it didn’t apply well because of this. The shades looks lovely but I don’t feel like they suit my skin tone. 
Unfortunately this palette probably isn’t the one for me. I feel like I can’t use many of the shades in conjuction with each other as they don’t seem to go and I find the highlighters would be better suited to darker skin tones. 

Until next time.. 


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