No mirror makeup challenge

Hello! Happy Sunday! 
This challenge is by no means anything new and most people do a video but as I have a blog I’ll be doing photo evidence only. I know at the moment the 100 layers of x is quite popular but I am not wasting that much of my makeup.  I love playing around with my makeup but I have absolutely no skills at doing it without a mirror. So I can imagine this is going to be a disaster. By the way I am writing this part before I’ve done the challenge… 


So after doing this challenge I’m actually quite impressed at how much I managed to do. My eyebrows and eyeliner are most definitely a mess but my foundation, concealer, contour and blush didn’t come out too bad. I was so surprised my lipstick wasn’t more of a mess. It definitely isn’t perfect but it’s not joker looking. 

Now a challenge would be no fun without other people doing it so to those reading.. I challenge you! 

Until next time.. 


Beauty & the Payroller

11 thoughts

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I would try this if I was to go somewhere but it was a little bit of fun! Will you be trying it out? Of course I will have a nosey 😊Zinita.

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