Beauty Hack: Dry Shampoo – Night before or on the day?

Beauty Hack Dry Shampoo

Hi all,

So I have been wanting to do a beauty hacks segment on my blog forever and I’m finally getting around to it. I love to try beauty hacks and test out whether they actually work or not. There are some I already use which I love so I will be posting those out first and then moving on I will be finding beauty hacks on pinterest and the blogging world and testing out whether we love it or will be leaving it!

So for my first beauty hack tested – Dry Shampoo. We already know this is a hack in itself where it gives us the power to go on another day without having to shampoo our hair. However I learnt about this hack a while ago (not sure where from so I can’t source) and I do love it.

Most people (including myself) put dry shampoo on just before styling to get rid of that greasy look. However a great tip is actually to use it the night before. Spray it in – don’t brush it out but as you sleep you will be rubbing the product into your hair and I kid you not it looks so much better. When I use it on the day it doesn’t actually last all day, gives me slight volume but it dies quickly and whilst it does the job temporarily it definitely does not look the same as when I use it overnight. I have even been told once my hair looks great like it was just washed and I laughed because it was simply overnight dry shampoo at work. When I use it overnight it gives me serious volume, it looks much fresher like it genuinely has been washed and it feels nice and light as I can’t feel the product in my hair.

Of course I know it won’t always be possible to use it the night before as situations prop up but if you know you need an extra day before you wash your hair – try it the night before you will love it! Bear in mind if you use a tinted dry shampoo it will rub off on your pillow covers so use something to protect it like an old pillow case or a towel.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Until the next hack..


Beauty & the Payroller

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