BH Cosmetics – Carli Bybel Palette

Carli Byble Palette BH Cosmetics 2

Hi all,

Following on from my haul (Click here for BH liquid lipsticks review and here for Shaaanxo Palette) I also purchased the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette $14.50. I absolutely love watching Carli’s youtube channel. Her makeup is always flawless and she is absolutely stunning. I chose her palette because she has some lovely warm neutrals which some purples with an added bonus of 4 highlighters in the palette too.

I swatched all of the shades and I am really impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows, especially the shimmery ones. I can definitely and already use a lot of these shadows. My favourites have to be the first 4 shadows on the second row. They are great for neutral and brown smoky eyes which are becoming my go to at the moment.

Carli Byble Palette BH Cosmetics 2

Carli Byble Palette BH Cosmetics 2

The highlighters I like that Carli put 4 in to suit every skin tone. For myself I feel like the first shade is very light and pink based and would suit fairer skins a lot more but it is nice as an inner corner highlight. The second and middle shade are a great match for my skin tone as they are more golden shades. The last one is a beautiful shade but unfortunately is too dark to be used as a highlight shade on my skin tone but would look beautiful on darker skin tones and I use the shade as an eyeshadow instead.

This palette is definitely my favourite out of the 3 and is already well loved. Stay tuned for the last part of my haul soon!

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