BH Cosmetics – Shaaanxo Eye and Lip Palette

Hi all,

If you have seen my BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks post you will know I did a haul on the site where I also bought some eye-shadow palettes. I bought 3 in total – the Shaaanxo palette, Carli Byble Palette and the Missy Lyn Palette. I love watching these youtubers, Shaaanxo was one of the first beauty youtubers I found and watched her constantly for eyeshadow look inspiration. I bought her palette because it has a neutral eyeshadow palette which is always my favourite with an added lip palette on the other side. I don’t normally buy lips in palettes I prefer the bullet version but how handy is this to travel with! It has absolutely everything you could need.

Shaaanxo Lip and Eye-Shadow Palette

In terms of pigment – some have better pigment than others. The shimmery shades are so beautiful and I think she has done a great job with the crease colours to work with different skin tones. The lip palette also has a great range of shades from your nudes to reds to pinks and vampy shades. I have noticed the lip offerings have a glossy finish so if you prefer a matte shade you may have to add some powder to mattify the shade. My favourite has to be the orange shade (1st row – 3rd one), it’s definitely a go to for summer shades for me.

Shaaanxo Lip and Eye-Shadow Palette Swatches

The Shaaanxo palette is on BH Cosmetics Website for $14.50. It is of course something to take into consideration if you buying from the UK. As mentioned in my BH Cosmetics liquid lipstick haul, you have to keep the order under £30 to avoid the custom charges which are alarmingly high.

I will be posting up the Carli Byble and Missy Lyn palette’s soon also so follow me below to keep an eye out for those palettes. All are gorgeous!

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Beauty & the Payroller

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