Soft & Gentle Releases the 1st 0% Aluminium range in the UK

Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Deodorant

Hi all,

Summer is officially here and it has been absolutely scorching the last couple of days with 30 degree weather. Deodorant is a necessity all year round but during the summer you need something that is going to keep you feeling fresh as well as sweat free. I stopped using antiperspirant aerosols because I have quite a sensitive nose and the smell constantly has me coughing and switched to a natural deodorant. I quite like the natural rock deodorant but it does have a downside where it needs to be applied wet which isn’t very convenient throughout the day if I am wearing a sleeved top.

So I was at a press event a couple of weeks ago and the Soft & Gentle stand were showcasing their new anti-antiperspirant deodorant which is aluminium free, the Soft & Gentle Aluminuin free – Floral 150ml Anti-Perspirant ¬£2.99*. I have been using it since I day I got it and in the last couple of days where the weather has been so unbearable I have been so impressed at how well this has held up. For one there is no powdery scent which normally has me in coughing fits. Second this deodorant is free from alcohol, parabens and allergens which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. For me in particular my underarms feel very soft after using this. Third it comes out clear and I haven’t noticed any transfer to my clothes as of yet. And of course the most important – no wanted smells.

I am so thrilled with this product and I really hope they come out with a travel sized version so I can take it with me on holidays and the gym.

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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