My Highlighter Collection

Highligher Collection

Hi all,

In the past year I have been slowly building up a small highlighter collection for myself. I have found some great ones that suit my skin tone as well as range of others. Some of these are actually eye shadows which were recommended to me to use as a highlight which is genius! And of course they range from afforable to more pricey to suit any budget.

Starting from top to bottom is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle £24. It is definitely one of the most expensive highlighters I own but it is such an iconic one. Flattering to light to medium skin tones I love this if I want a bolder highlight. I also have a more detailed review here.

The Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter – Rose Illumination £19.50* is a rose gold highlighter which is absolutely beautiful on. I have had these one actually for a few years but never used it. But it’s perfect now that rose gold has become so popular. Unfortunately I can’t find the product anymore to link for you, I think it may have been part of a limited collection but I have linked a similar one from Laura Geller here.

Next is a highlighter I got from the Revolution Advent Calendar last year on day 21 the Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter £3. This is very pigmented so I urge you to use this sparingly. If not it can look very ashy especially on medium to darker skin tones.

When Topshop released a makeup line, I of course picked up a few items which you can read about here. The Topshop Highlighter in Gleam £9 is a beautiful bronzy creamy highlight. It’s great when you are on holiday to add further glow and it appears more natural because it’s cream based.

So as I mentioned in the intro I have some eyeshadows that I use as highlighters. I love KIKO makeup and went hunting in there for a highlight, only to be disappointed and find they don’t tell any in their main collections just some limited edition ones. The consultants in store actually pointed me to some eyeshadows that can be used as highlighters instead. This KIKO Metallic Shine Eyeshadow £3.40 is a beautiful cream eyeshadow which is slightly on a pinky side. I don’t use it often as I prefer the more golden ones but it’s nice if i am going for a specific look.

Another KIKO eyeshadow that I use as a highlight is the Wet & Dry use eyeshadow in 208 Light Gold £8.90. This eyeshadow sells out pretty quickly so grab it when you can. It is a stunning golden highlight and great to use as it’s original purpose, an eyeshadow. This eyeshadow collection comes in other beautiful colours that can be used as highlighters too.

Lastly but I’m sure this won’t be the least the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Global Glow £24. I have also written a more in-depth review here. This one is definitely not hyped up enough considering how beautiful of a highlight this is. If Soft & Gentle doesn’t work for you, Global Glow is definitely the one. It suits medium to dark tones beautiful and really complements the skin tone.

I’ve put swatches below so you can see how they come out against my skin tone.

Highlighter collection swatches Beauty and the Payroller


I’m sure this won’t be the end of my collection but this is where I am up to for now. Do you have any of the same highlighters? I would love to know your thoughts, or any recommendations for new ones.

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller


4 thoughts

    1. Ooh I haven’t but I have heard great things! That is the more golden of their highlighters right? I will definitely buy it in the near future. Thanks for reading

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