Most repurchased products

Most Repurchased Products

Hi all,

As a beauty blogger I go through tons of products because there is always something new out there to try and love. However in doing so I find a lot of products are a one time use only and once they are finished I don’t tend to re-purchase. That is except for a select few. These are products I either discovered through the blogging community or just out on my own looking for something specific.

Starting with the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel £21. This was introduced to me by a consultant at the Clarins counter years ago. I was just getting into skincare and looking for something to remove my makeup without stripping away the good stuff. I LOVE this cleanser. I have written reviews on it before, put it in my favourites and this bottled pictured here is my 6th. Cleansing gels or balms are absolutely amazing at melting away makeup but adding moisture back into the skin. I also wear a lot of waterproof mascara (#straightlashproblems) and this takes it off so easily with barely any effort and no tugging at the eyes. I have tried other ones hoping to find one I love as much but none compare. What I found with other balms like the Emma Hardie cleansing balm was that it left an oily residue which I wasn’t a fan of.

I never thought in my early twenties I would start to develop dark circles under my eyes. Even with a decent amount of sleep it just wouldn’t go and so I resorted to the Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-bright Dark Circle Minimizer Eye Cream £32. Yes this little pot is ridiculously expensive for an eye cream but it absolutely does the trick. My dark circles disappeared really quickly and stay at bay with continued use. I did try to switch to a different one and noticed they came back so it isn’t a permanent fix but it is better than the brightening ones in my opinion.

Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 Shade Dark 4 has been discussed countless times by beauty bloggers as a cult favourite. This cheap but cheerful product works absolutely wonders at concealing and correcting my under eye area without looking cakey at all. I steered away from this for quite a while thinking that because drug store products aren’t always catered to my skin tone this wouldn’t work for me. But shade 4 is actually a pretty good concealer match for me, where it is a bit lighter to brighten but not overly obvious and it has a touch of pink to it to cancel out any darkness. I haven’t touched any other concealer since and currently have 3 backups stashed around because it’s so affordable.

It took a long time before winged liner and me became friends. We argued many a time about being even and not too thick and just completely wrong. In came L’Oreal Superliner Superstar £6.99. This eyeliner is incredibly easy to use and it has changed my wing liner game so much! Again like the collection concealer I have about 3 of these lying around. It’s very black which is impressive as liquid pens don’t have to have much colour pay off. And a bonus this doesn’t burn my eyes like normal liquid liners.

The Body Shop is well known for having some amazing products and collections including their Body Butters £14. I absolutely love the body butters from here because they provide intense moisture to my horribly dry skin (I had my hydration levels tested last week and it came up as 3/100!!!!!!). The best part about their collection is that they have new ranges constantly being released which means I get to play around with the scents as much as I want. At the moment I am loving the Virgin Mojito range – it smells beautiful and doesn’t require any perfume after!

I know it’s not a lot of products I repurchase as I like to try new things but these 5 are my absolute holy grails and it would take a fantastic product to peel me away from these.

What are your most repurchased items? I would love to know what products you can’t live without!

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller


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