I can’t believe it’s not Batiste

COLAB Dry Shampoo Review

Hi all,

Today is a very exciting post for me as I can’t believe I have found another dry shampoo that works nearly as well as my Batiste for brunettes!

COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer Invisible London 50ml £1.99 by Ruth Crilly was released quite a while back but I never bought it as I tend to steer away from dry shampoos other than my beloved Batiste for Brunettes as it leaves a very grey cast as well as dandruff looking flakes!

Perhaps it was the ‘sheer invisible’ that propped my curiosity but I bought a little travel sized version to try out.

I used this dry shampoo the same way I normally do. Spray it through the roots and underneath a few layers to tackle the grease everywhere. Of course when you spray it it comes out white but low and behold when I massaged it through it disappeared! I was so amazed that there was absolutely no grey cast and veryyyyyy minimal white flakes, which I can live with. And of course it left my hair looking clean and smelling lovely!

I am so happy to have found another brand that does a decent dry shampoo and is not specifically tinted for my hair. And as Batiste has yet to make a travel sized version of their brunettes dry shampoo this one is going to be living my in gym and travel bag!

Until next time..

Beauty & the Payroller


2 thoughts

  1. I love this waaaay more than I love Batiste – but then, Batiste never did it for me and I never got the hype. CoLab’s hype I do get. Have you tried the one for volume?

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