Revlon relaunches their Mascara Collection

Revlon Mascara New Launch


Revlon MascaraHi all,

So as you may have noticed if you have been in the drugstore lately is that Revlon have completely relaunched their mascara collection. There are now 5 new mascaras on offer with new packaging which I am actually loving! It’s matte black with a coloured top and not round thankfully so no more falling off the table!

I had a look through their offerings and picked up two of their mascaras. The Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara £6.99 and the Revlon Volume & Length Magnified Mascara £6.99 which are currently reduced as a launch price, normally £9.99. Of course I picked them up both in black waterproof because straight lash problems.

After trying them both out I can definitely say I am loving the Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara. It definitely gives me a good amount of volume and maintains a decent curl. The Volume & Length Magnified mascara unfortunately didn’t do too much for me in the volume side. It made my lashes longer yes but it made them also look more sparse and thin which I’m not a fan of. I may give the others a try at some point to see if I can top the Ultra Volume mascara.

Overall I like the look of the new mascara’s and have found a new daily favourite! Have you had a chance to try them out yet? Let me know what you think.

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