3 Body Moisturizer Options for Dry Skin


Hi all,

While my face is a combination/oily type, the skin on the rest of my body is quite and dehydrated most likely due to my lack of water intake. So in order to combat the dry skin I have a few moisturizers I turn to which help hydrate my skin without being greasy.

  1. E45 Cream Pump Dispenser 500g £9.99. This one is probably the best bang for your buck at a huge 500g it comes with a pump which always makes things easier and sanitary. This is non fragranced so may suit those who don’t wish to have anything scented if they use perfumes, also easier if you are sharing with men. The moisture on this is pretty good to start with but I do find by the end of the day I can see the dryness coming back.
  2. Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle 300ml £10*. I have written a previous post on this which you can read here. I absolutely love this moisturizer, it smells incredible with a scent of berries. It’s also quite light when you first take it out of the pot but once you warm it between your palms it gets thicker. On applying it provides a nice cooling effect so definitely a great one in the summer time. I find that this one lasts all day up to when I shower which is fantastic.
  3. The Body Shop Frosted Plum Body Butter 200ml £14* (Currently on sale for £7!). This one has to be me favourite out of the three but only just beating out the Champneys Butter Souffle. The Body Shop Frosted Plum Body Butter smells beautiful and is incredibly moisturizing. I absolutely love The Body Shop Body Butters they come in great scents and provide amazing hydration to the skin which lasts 2-3 days without reuse and even after showers which is pretty great for the lazy girls (like me!). The Frosted Plum collection overall is pretty great, I bought the hand cream too as I love the smell and even bought some for friends as little stocking fillers as it was such a great collection.

I have tried other ones of course like the famous Palmers Cocoa Butter but it was just too greasy for my liking so I’ve managed to find 3 really good alternatives. Do you have any other recommendations for me which I should be checking out? Let me know in the comments I would really love to know!

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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