What I got for Christmas and Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Personalised Marmite Jar

Personalised Wine Glass

Tea Cup Set

The Body Shop Mango Collection

Hi all,

I thought I would share with you what I received for Secret Santa and a few other Christmas presents. I don’t tend to celebrate Christmas but I like to partake in Secret Santa!

First up is my favourite of the lot, the Personalised Marmite Jar! It is technically a birthday present but I received it just last week so it’s going into this post. I have an unhealthy obsession with Marmite.. You love or Hate it and I am definitely on the love side and then some. I really love that it has my name on it and I will be adding it to my other Marmite Merch (yes I have more!). There was a pop up store in Westfield which I missed so I am really gutted but you can order this online.

Next up is another personalised gifts.. I actually love to give personalised gifts as well I think it’s adds a lovely touch to something that would otherwise be quite a standard gift. This wine glass dipped in gold glitter with my name on it is such a funky idea. I love it has a decorative piece! My friend ordered this from Glamour Glitz who designs different version of these from Christmas ones, to wedding favours and so on. They are really lovely so definitely check them out!

So the first two presents and this next one were all given to me by one friend (I know amazing right). She is so lovely and is really supportive of my blog and so she bought me this lovely tea set so use to incorporate into my blog photography. I love these and can’t wait to use them in future photos! This was a secret santa present and I have to admit when I first opened it I was a bit lost but when she explained I was thrilled! Regardless I also love tea and I have two cups in the set so I can photograph with one while drinking tea in the other.

The next secret santa present is one I did with my work colleagues. I’m not exactly sure who gave this to me but I have a hunch it was my manager. Funnily enough he bought me the same The Body Shop Mango Set but larger last year which makes me laugh. I love The Body shop products especially their hand cream and body butter and these are in a lovely travel kit so I can use this on my holidays.

Lastly, this item may not be very obvious in my photos but everything is laid on a scarf. This uber fluffy scarf is from John Rocha and has tassles at the bottom. I quite like this as I know it will be keeping me warm when London decides to eventually get cold (it’s been very warm this year for December). The only problem I’m having with it is finding a coat where the fluff doesn’t transfer!

All in all I’m so pleased with what I received, I have some lovely friends and colleagues! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and had some nice little gifts waiting for them under the tree!

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller



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