5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil other than for cooking!

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil

Hi all

I recently went to the incredible Good Housekeeping Institute for a morning of pampering and breakfast to talk about Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil which is one of the leading sold brands in the UK for coconut oil. Why is this so different from other Coconut Oil you ask? Well this brand comes with a story, Lucy from a young age was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease where she would get an adverse reaction to gluten. So her family switched out processed food for making it fresh with healthy ingredients. During this change they discovered extra virgin raw coconut oil when a family friend brought this over from overseas. They soon realised that this product with so many benefits wasn’t available for a reasonable price in the UK and voila Lucy Bee was born.

Talking with Lucy was so informative, she told us about her passion for coconut oil and the great benefits it has for you on the inside and outside. She is even launching her own book (out later this month) with amazing recipes using her beloved coconut oil. Whilst I don’t cook often the beauty benefits of coconut oil have intrigued me so I’ve decided to test out 5 ways to use Lucy Bee’s coconut oil and see the magic for myself!

  1. Moisturiser – This is an incredible moisturiser, as an oil you would think it’s extremely greasy but I find it quite light in comparison to other oils. As I have combination oily skin I would rather use it at night before bed so that my skin is nice and supple in the morning.
  2. Hair Conditioner – I have used coconut oil in the past on the ends of my hair as it is very good for helping to nourish hair and keep those split ends at bay. This time I tried Lucy Bee all over my hair as instructed and I found my hair felt so soft and had a nice shine to it. It is difficult to wash out though so you may have to shampoo twice to get it out. I find running your hair under hot water helps losen the oil making it easier to shampoo.
  3. Deodorant – This one threw me a little. I understand coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties but I have never considered using it as a deodorant. For testing purposes I have tried this out over a weekend where I’m wasn’t going out in case of any mishaps. I was pleasently surprised at how well this worked. As it is a bit greasy I wouldn’t use this on a daily basis but if you are in a pinch it’s great.
  4. Massage Oil – I can happily say this is a great moisturising oil. The consistency when you rub the solid coconut oil in your hands becomes nice and thin to allow you to massage it into your skin. I had a lovely hand massage at the Good Housekeeping Institute using the coconut oil and it was lovely and my hands smelt amazing afterwards.
  5. Oil Pulling – This has become a bit of a craze but I haven’t tried it prior to now as I know it’s quite difficult to swish oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes without wanting to spit it out. However oil pulling is great for disinfecting your mouth as well as help whiten your teeth. Brands like Cocowhite have re vamped oil pulling by adding in flavours like mint and lemon to make the experience more pleasurable. So I gave this a go and I found it so hard! I’ve only managed 5 mins before I have to stop but I’m hoping with time I’ll get better at it. One thing to note is if you do decide to do this please don’t spit out the oil into your sinks as it can block them. Use some tissue instead and dispose of it in the bin.

Other uses include massaging Lucy Bee onto your eyebrows and lashes to help condition them, rubbing the coconut oil into your cuticles or using it with Epsom salts to create a body scrub.

Tell me if any of these uses are new to you? Are you willing to try out some of the unusual uses like the deodorant or toothpaste?

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

3 thoughts

    1. Yes! I’ve definitely noticed a lot of people use it as an overnight treatment I do quite like to do that too but normally I use almond or castor oil. Will definitely need to use this one overnight !

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