Accessorize Beauty Bits

Accessorize Beauty

Hi all,

So another present I received for my birthday (such a lucky girl) were some bits from the Accessorize Beauty range. I have heard good things about their beauty collection and so of course I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Accessorize Beauty Boho Gem Makeup Palette

Accessorize Beauty Boho Gem Makeup Palette 2

Accessorize Beauty Boho Gem Makeup Palette 3

I received the Boho Gem Make Up Palette £12* and the London Nail Trio Set £10*. Firstly the Accessorize Boho Gem Make Up Palette has an excellent selection of eyeshadows to work with! They have a range of shades in the specific colour palette like greens, cranberries, purples, neutrals even greys. I mostly own neutral eyeshadow palettes and so I don’t get very adventurous with colour and I want to change that. This palette will definitely help me experiment with new colours! The shadows when swatching felt almost like cream shadows but they are definitely powder. Some shadows are very pigmented like the cranberry shade in my photo but others not so much but I feel that can be easily fixed with an eyeshadow primer. I can’t tell you the wear time as of yet as I haven’t had a chance to use them yet (blogger problems not being able to touch anything until you have photographed it for the blog post!) but I will be sure to update you once I have.

Accessorize Beauty London Nail Trio Set

Next are the Accessorize London Nail Trio Set which come in a red, purple and a gold sparkle shade. I absolutely love the shape of the bottle they are so cute and they remind of the crystals you won in the Crystal Maze haha. The shade selection in this set are definitely great evening shades. I quite like that the third shade is a gold sparkle so you can jazz up the red and purple if you want and makes it perfect for Christmas parties! On swatches these on my handy nail tool they did require a second coat to really bring out the colour but this is standard for most polishes I find.

I’m so pleased with the selection I received and I can’t wait to play around with the eyeshadow palette.

Have you tried any beauty bits from Accessorize Beauty? What did you think?

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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