NYX comes to Selfridges

Nyx Cosmetics in Selfridges

I was in Selfridges earlier this week looking for a new watch and of course I had to browse the beauty aisles. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted that there was a NYX counter. I’m not sure when this came in but I was so happy as normally you have to shop online for NYX items or attend the IMATS.

I has a little browse and found that they have a great selection in store of blushes, lipsticks, foundation, brows etc etc. I picked up a couple of items so I thought I would do a quick review on what I bought.

The first item I bought is the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Base £12 . Sorry I don’t have a link to this from Selfridges they don’t have it on their online store. I didn’t get to swatch this before I bought it because there was no testers available for this one. So I bought it and hoped for the best and to be honest I am a little disappointed. As you can see from my picture it’s comes out white but typically that absorbs into the skin pretty clear. This primer however left a white cast even when I put my foundation over it, my skin looked paler than usual.

The next item I bought I am quite excited to share. So has anyone heard of the Anatasia Beverly Hills Pomade? Yeah I bet you have! NYX has a dupe for this! The NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade £5.50 is pretty mind blowing. I bought this in the shade Espresso as I think this is my best brow match! I used an angled brush and put this on one eyebrow to compare and wow I am so amazed at the results. My brow (filled) looks so much fuller and bold but compared to my naturally sparsed brows. It’s much more feathery than using a pencil which can sometimes leave you with a few harsh lines.

NYX Pomade

I didn’t have much time to really take a close look at everything but I will be going back in the near future to do some more exploration!

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

13 thoughts

    1. Haha Selfridges is amazing! Yes I feel the same about all drugstore products some good some bad but hoping to find more of the good ones! Any you recommend?

  1. Hi there ! Such a good tip , found that they have plenty of stock of the soft matte lip creams. Thx for sharing that 😊 love ur blog , btw .. So clean and bright and spacious. Glad to have found it x

    1. ooh! I do love those too! I will definitely be going back soon to take a closer look. Thank you for the feedback. That’s lovely 🙂 I’m following back too! Love your photography! Zinita

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