Recent favourites

Recent Favourites

I know the norm is to publish a monthly favourites but most of the time I end up still liking the same products so I thought it might be worth doing this when I have a new range of favourites (not limited to beauty) and I can post it as and when.

First thing I have rediscovered is exfoliators. It’s not that I didn’t use them before but I became quite lazy and stopped doing it as frequently as I should. But after getting these 3 in my routine has definitely made me want to make sure I stick to it as they make my skin feel amazing.

The Dolce Dreams Coconut Macaroon body scrub £14* smells heavenly! It’s so nice putting this on in the shower just for the scent alone! It’s not over abrasive and feels quite moisturising to the skin. After my skin feels incredibly soft and quite hydrated!

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator £11 is a new buy for me. I ran out of my old facial exfoliator from Clarins which was pretty good but never bothered to pick up another. I could tell my face was really suffering as I was really letting my routine down overall. The lovely consultant in The Body Shop recommended this facial exfoliator to me as it helps rebalance my combination skin. I have to say I do like this product but don’t enjoy the smell. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of seaweed but I continue to use it because it makes my skin squeaky clean literally. It looks so healthy and clean after using it as it’s taken away all those dead skin cells.

The last scrub I feel is a nationwide favourite the Lush lip scrub in Popcorn £5.50. I used to own bubblegum and loved it so I thought I’d try a different flavour. It’s honestly so hard not to just eat the scrubs. They smell amazinggggg! And it has been working a treat on my ever dry lips I have been cursed with during the colder months.

I ordered a couple of Milani blushes because of how much the blogging world loves them. I can completely understand why. It’s one of those drugstore goldmines that can’t beat out a high end because it’s just that good. I picked up the shades Coralina £8.47 and Rose D’oro £5.62 but Rose D’oro has slowly become my new everyday blusher. Both are shimmery blushes which I tend to steer away from due to the fear of attracting attention to my oily t zone. But I really like them and it was a great little discovery for me.

In the past year I have been venturing out of my perfume comfort zone and trying out some new fragrances. The one I have been wearing everyday and even managed to find in rollerball form in Paris is the Chloe by Chloé. I love the scent of this it’s so lovely sweet and feminine. (sorry no link to this one!)

Next is one of favourite brushes, the Sigma F25 Tapered Face Brush £26.95 I have featured this in a post before but at that point I used it for setting powder. I’ve more recently learned its the most amazing blusher brush. It deposits the perfect amount of blusher and makes it look seamless. It blends it in so well with no harsh lines and very smooth without any streaks which I sometimes get with my uneven skin.

Now onto the non beauty favourites
I don’t really talk about fashion or accessories on this blog but I thought I would talk about this bracelet that I wear everywhere. This particular one I picked up at a Bloggers Hangout (formerly Bloggers Love) event where this lovely lady was showcasing her Glowbeads bracelets £8*. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I absolutely loved glow in the dark things. This bracelet has part of it made out of glow beads so they glow when the light hits them. I love the look of it in general as its very simple and understated. The glow is an added bonus!

Lastly if you have been reading my tweets you will know I’ve recently taken up spray painting everything gold and copper. These spray cans from Wilko are only £3! And do the job so well. I love being able to update my things without buying new bits. I love the copper and gold but they have so many shades in the range including a stone effect one which I may pick up next as it could make for a good background for photos!

Until next time…

Zinita x

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