L’Oréal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection Color Riche Lipsticks

As you may have seen from my recent Superdrug Haul I picked up a couple of the new L’oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection Colour Riche £6.99 lipsticks! I love these collections by L’oreal as the lipsticks are of great quality, so pigmented and long lasting. I already own a couple from the True Reds collection which I love so I’m glad I got to expand my collection.

Loreal Riche Pink Lipsticks

I swatched all the lipsticks from the pink collection but only found Eva and Liya to be suitable for my skin tone. Eva is a nice soft pink perfect for a slight pop of colour and Liya is a more bold pink definitely a shade for the evening.

Loreal Colour Riche Pink Collection Liya and Eva

Left – Eva, Right – Liya

I hope they keep expanding the ranges because I adore the lipsticks and would like to keep adding to the collection. I know the nudes one came out a while back but unfortunately all the shades didn’t suit me so I’ve missed out on that one!

Have you tried any of the L’oreal Colour Riche Collection Lipsticks? Which are your favourites?

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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