Essie ‘Favourites to Fall for’ dupes

Essie Dupes

Essie Dupes

So I know my posts recently are very fall themed probably because I’m really getting into it now. With that comes a change of nail polish. I love my mushroom coloured polishes and I have been trying out the plums this year mainly on my lips but now to my toes!

I saw the Essie Favourites to Fall for set £13 and immediately bought it no hesitation needed. I got home and realised that actually I have already have two very similar shades to Essie Chinchilly and Essie Bahama Mama! Tanya Burr Nail polish in Penguin Chic £5.99 is the perfect dupe for Essie’s Chinchilly. As for Essie’s Bahama Mama I don’t have an exact dupe but it’s a fairly similar shade. Revlon’s Parfumerie Nail Polish in Bordeaux £6.49 is slightly more on the red side than plum but very similar and just as fall like.

Which set do you prefer? In terms of price they are pretty much near the same so it depends on your preference on polishes. For me I think Tanya Burr Penguin Chic wins for the greys and Essie Bahama Mama wins for the plums. Also… I little birdy told me that the Tanya Burr Penguin Chic is £2 on Feel Unique right now! (I think it’s because they are clearing out the old packaging which I prefer and actually there’s more product in the old bottles 12ml compared to the new ones 9ml.

Oh.. and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve changed my blog theme. Let me know what you think 🙂

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