I dyed my hair.. the eSalon way

eSalon Kit

Hi all,

I use to dye my hair all the time through my teens and early twenties because I loved changing up my hair that includes having it long for period of time all the way down to a bob. This past year however I have left my hair colour free as it was getting pretty damaged. At this point my hair no longer had any dye in it and was looking a lot healthier but quite boring. My hair is pretty much monotone and looks very flat as it’s a soft black colour. I have been going back and forth deciding whether to redye it or not when the perfect opportunity came my way.

eSalon gave me an opportunity to try out one of their Custom Hair Colour Kits £18*. The usual way I dye my hair is a store bought dye which I buy based on how the model’s hair looks but lets face it the colour never turns out how it looks on the box. eSalon works with you to find the exact colour you want and sends you all the bits and pieces you will need to get the results you want. They are based in the US but have started to ship to the UK.  You fill out their questionnaire online to find out a few bits about you like how easily does dye take to your hair, what colour your natural hair is, skin tone etc. You can get given a choice of colours that would suit well with your features but you can deviate of course if you dare to! Once you select it if you have any specific requests you can provide this to eSalon also with a photo of yourself so that they can determine whether the colour you have chosen will suit. If they feel it may not they get in touch to reconfirm if this is what you would like or if you would like to change it.

Once you are happy with the order eSalon start to make up your individual kit and post it out to you to use. You think it would take a while considering they are in the US but I received my box in less than a week! I ordered a colour in the same family as my current colour ‘Soft Black’ so I went for and Intense Pearl shine to give me hair a violet tint to add some interest. The instructions are made specifically for you and tailored especially if you have specific requests. The kit comes with (for hair longer than shoulder length) 2 x bottles of dye, 2 x bottles of mixing solution, 2 pairs of gloves, a stain guard, stain remover, a sample of the hair colour shampoo and conditioner.

I loved the packaging as they had my name on it :). The instructions were super easy to follow and away I went. I followed the instructions to a T to really test out how well they work. I did find it a bit difficult doing the back of my hair so I would definitely recommend having someone help you if you can. The whole process took about 45 minutes.

The results..

The left is my hair before and the right is about a week after. As you can see it’s definitely less black but looks a bit more red in this picture. It does look different in different light but in artificial light is where I can see the more purple tones in my hair, unfortunately it’s proven to be difficult to capture on camera (sorry!). I didn’t want a dramatic change this time so I’m really pleased with the results. I definitely like this shade as my sort of transition into Autumn.

eSalon before and after

Would you try eSalon for when you next dye your hair?

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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