Current Hair Favourites

current hair favourites beauty and the payroller

Hi all,

These are a few of my favourites I have been loving using on my hair at the moment. Firstly is the Michael Mercier Ultimate Detangling brush* for normal hair £11.95. The Michael Mercier brush is designed to massage the scalp while brushing and of course detangles wet or dry hair. The brush comes in different ranges for different types of hair such as fine hair and thick hair too so it caters to more. It’s very gentle on my hair and I especially love it because it has a handle! I own the tangle teezer which is great but the no handle part sometimes makes it a bit uncomfortable to hold.

The next are a must for any girl with any length hair – bobbi pins or hair grips! They have helped me many a time to tuck away lose hairs, do simple hairstyles and much more. I buy bobbi pins from absolutely anywhere but I make sure I always buy the black ones as these are the closest to my hair colour. I’m sure every girl has the same problem of them magically disappearing constantly so I tend to end up buying a new stash frequently.

One of the great things about the summertime is that braids are everywhere. I love braiding my hair and trying out new styles that I find on youtube and with that clear elastics are your best friend. They make it so much easier to tie off braids and tuck them in if you need to rather than bulky hair ties. These are a complete essential when doing braids for me I can’t manage without them. I bought this cute pack from Claire’s Accessories £3.00.

When doing my braids I often need to add in some volume or on greasy days I need a quick saviour so I always turn to Dry Shampoo. My favourite so far as got to be the Batiste Dry Shampoo for Medium & Brunette Hair £3.99. When dry shampoos became a thing – ohh the excitement I had. Unfortunately the original dry shampoos are catered to lighter hair and would really show up on dark hair in form of white flakes. It was awful and so I couldn’t partake until the dry shampoo industry expanded to cater to other hair tones. The Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes blend perfectly into my hair and gives me an extension on my hair washing! Also it helps give a little grit for when I need to do braiding on my hair.

The next couple of items are my favourite of all Popbands and hair clips. When I’m at work, at the gym or at home the last thing I want is hair in my face. I love Popbands £8.00* and the soft hair band types. The brand Popband are a little expensive for me but you can always find similar bands in Claire’s Accessories and Topshop. I also love clipping up my hair like a top knot just to get it away from my face while I’m working. These ones from Claire’s Accessories £5.00 are perfect and don’t leave a kink in my hair.

And those are my favourites! What are your current hair favourites?

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller

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