PMD Personal Microderm System Review #1

PMD Personal Microderm 2

Hi all,

I have been thinking about microdermabrasion for a long time especially as recently my scars from old spots have taken over my face to the point where I no longer feel comfortable going out of the house without foundation on. This is the worst it has ever been and I am desparately looking for a way to reduce the scarring. So when the PMD Personal Microderm System*£150 was kindly given to me to try I was more than thrilled as it could be the answer to my problems!

So a little about the PMD System;

Microdermabrasion has been around for years now in salons but more recently companies have started producing them for at home use. The tool is designed for extreme exfoliation using aluminium oxide crystals to take away the dead skin cells sitting at the top layer of your skin. Why Microdermabrasion is so amazing is that when you exfoliate using the device your body is tricked into thinking if has suffered a mild injury. This reaction allows skin to repair the cells and this in turn rejuvanates the skin and helps promote renewal. It’s also great that after the exfoliation your skin is more able to absorb products which is a great benefit when using products like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and other serums and oils.

The results PMD promises

  • Remove dull aging skin
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes and surface scarring
  • Smooths uneven skin texture

The PMD system can also be used on any part of the body and contains small and large exfoliating discs and of different strengths so you can increase the exfoliation if the beginner one is not working for you. There are 3 levels of exfoliation – Sensitive skin (blue), Normal skin (green) and Tough skin (red – sold separately) and also a beginner disc to be used when first starting out.

PMD Personal Microderm

The PMD system is super easy to set up – the beginner disc and cap were already set up and I just had to plug in the cord and away I go. So it is highly recommended to watch the training video before you start anything. There is a CD included but I don’t have a CD drive so I found the YouTube video instead. You need to try a test patch first so pick somewhere your body like the arm (not the face). Always ensure that your skin is clean, dry and free of any products.

The trick to using the PMD Personal Microderm is to keep the system moving and not apply to much pressure. It’s also wise to stretch the skin you are exfoliating to make it easier to glide the system through and do not go over the same section more than twice. The exfoliation is very strong and you do not want to bruise or break the skin.

PMD Personal Microderm Before

PMD Personal Microderm BeforePMD Personal Microderm Before









This is my skin after my first use. It just take a little getting use to and it got a bit stuck in places because of the suction but all in all I am so happy at how soft my skin felt after so I definitely agree with it smoothing out the skin texture. I know I won’t see amazing results after the first use so this will be a process. It is recommended not to use the PMD Personal Microderm too often only once a week max to allow the skin to repair itself which requires 6-7 days according to PMD.

I will be doing a series on the PMD system to show you how the scarring on my face is looking every few weeks whether good or bad so you can judge for yourself if the product is worth it for you.

I hope you enjoy my series and fingers crossed that this will be my saviour!

Until the next update


Beauty & the Payroller

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