The #TopshopSummerSchool Photography class with Olympus Pen

Topshop Summer School

Hi all!

I am officially back to Beauty & the Payroller. I took a little time out as it was coming up to my final exam and I wanted to put all my concentration into the exam and passing so I can be re-sit free over the summer. I did however manage to take half an hour out of my revision to attend the Topshop Summer School Photography Workshop hosted by Olympus.

I never knew this even existed until I stumbled upon it on twitter but Topshop and Olympus held a number of photography classes to suit different needs like fashion photography, still product photography and more. I chose to attend the ‘Shooting Product’ workshop as this was more catered to beauty bloggers and I am forever trying to improve my photography skills.

I also didn’t realise that the Workshop was going to be hosted by Hayley from London Beauty Queen Blog which was a lovely surprise as she is a huge blogger and it was great to learn tips from the top bloggers themselves. The workshop took place in Topshop in Oxford Circus with a cute little set up giving each attending their own space to work in.

My ‘space’ consisted of (and I couldn’t believe it) white card against the wall and placed on the table to create the white chic effect in most great beauty product photos, some Topshop beauty goodies and of course an Olympus Pen camera to snap with. I myself haven’t gotten to the stage of using a proper camera yet, I still rely on my HTC M8 camera which does serve me quite well. Saying that, it was quite refreshing to feel like a real blogger with camera in hand. I was so impressed with the Olympus Pen camera especially with how light and compact it was and definitely the rotating viewfinder. It made it ridiculously easy to take birds eye view shots which can be particularly difficult for me as I am all of 4ft 10. It was also easier taking straight on shots without me having to bend down!

Whilst we were playing around with the products, laying them and relaying them trying to take the best pictures, Cleveland Aaron and Hayley were walking around and giving us pointers. Cleveland from a photography perspective who gave me some great advise about not taking 100 pictures but rather look at what you are shooting, what you are trying to say and then take the perfect shot. It took me a while to get the hang of it and by the end I did infact have nearly a 100 pics  but I tried my best to photo his ruling. Hayley also came over and when she gave me praise at some of my shots I was so flattered. It is definitely a good feeling to have some encouragment from someone who is so well known in the blogging community. She also gave us some tips about product placement and what is more flattering to the eye, which helped me captures some good pictures.

Overall I was pleased to go to this experience. It was informative, fun and it was nice to get an idea of using a real camera and the functions. And of course we receieved a lovely goody bag with Topshop’s lipstick and Nailpolish which I adore. It was a great idea by Topshop and I believe they do offer the photography workshops every year.

I hope by the next time this comes around I will be using a camera and go to one of the advanced photography classes and learn more!

Until next time

Zinita x

Beauty & the Payroller



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