Paris, France Photo Diary

Hi all,

So a couple of weeks ago I was jetting off to Paris for the first time. It was a lovely trip although I made the mistake of going where a bank holiday fell in France I managed to spend a couple of days seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dam, Arc de Triompe, Jardin du Luxembourg and of course doing a bit of beauty shopping at Sephora and City Pharma. On the final day which was the bank holiday we went to the Paris equivalent of Westfield but all the stores were shut so we went to the cinema there and saw Avengers. The cinemas there are quite cool!

Paris was amazing. The metro system was so easy to use (if you can manage the London underground this is a piece of cake). People are actually very friendly and look so chic. One thing my friend and I noticed on every single woman in Paris is that their skin is absolutely flawless! Serious jealously there. I also had to work whilst I was out there and even that was quite lovely (I was learning all about French payroll – very shocked at how many social security items you have to pay!). Paris was very comfortable for me and I felt right at home. I didn’t get to finish off my list of things to see like the Louis Vitton Fondation and some art galleries..Disney Land so I would definitely like to go back.


2015-04-27 13.58.17 2015-04-27 19.18.28 2015-04-28 08.45.49 2015-04-28 09.20.01 2015-04-28 09.36.51 2015-04-28 19.43.03 2015-04-28 22.00.53 2015-04-29 11.39.20 2015-04-29 14.16.51 2015-04-29 14.21.00 2015-04-29 14.44.26 2015-04-29 15.20.28 2015-04-29 15.44.46 2015-04-29 16.38.09 2015-04-29 17.25.29 2015-04-29 17.28.58 2015-04-29 17.36.43 2015-04-30 11.39.23 2015-04-30 12.39.05 2015-04-30 12.50.39 2015-04-30 13.04.33 2015-04-30 14.25.26 2015-04-30 17.33.52 2015-04-30 17.51.07 2015-04-30 18.04.01 2015-04-30 19.39.18-1 2015-04-30 22.00.29 2015-04-30 22.03.43 2015-05-01 18.50.21


Zinita x

Beauty & the Payroller


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