L’Oreal Paris Superstar Superliner

Hi all,

Today’s review is about the L’Oreal Paris Superstar Superliner £6.99 which I picked up from Boots last week. I’m not a huge fan of liquid eyeliners as they seem to burn my eyes so I prefer gel liners but liquid liners are so much faster to work with so I thought I would try it out again.

L'Oreal Paris Superstar Superliner

I am really pleased with the L’Oreal Superstar Superliner. It is super black, almost a matte finish and it has a flexible tip which lets me have more control. The very end of the tip is so small that I can make the thinnest line which is amazing for a little definition to the eyes but not so dramatic making it wearable for work.

L'Oreal Paris Superstar Superliner

L'Oreal Paris Superstar Superliner

It’s also very long lasting, I wore this out on a night out and it held up all night with no flaking or fading! Because its liquid it’s also much easier to remove at the end of the night. No special oil based cleansers needed! I’m also glad to report this didn’t burn my eyes! According to Boot’s website the liner is suitable for sensitive so this is definitely a bonus.

It’s quick and easy and works like a charm. I’m glad I gave this product a try because I’m now obsessed with it! At £6.99 it’s a great find!

Until next time..

Zinita x

Beauty & the Payroller

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