Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection


Hi all,

So recently Real Techniques brought out a new range the Bold Metals collection! If you are a fan of the current range then this range is bigger and better.


The range come in 3 metallic colours gold, silver and of course rose gold. I’ve personally started with the rose gold and bought the Flat Contour brush 301 £22 and the Tapered Blush brush 300 £24.

I use the Blush brush for setting my under eye concealer as it’s the perfect shape to do so! The contour brush I have been wanting for ages! I went searching high and low for this brush and finally found it in Reading Boots (fyi Boots Bond street has a HUGE stock if you want your hands on the collection). This brush is a great alternative to the NARS Ita brush as it’s much cheaper and better looking!

I definitely can’t wait to collect more of the collection and hope they bring out some more brushes in a later collection.

Have you bought any brushes from the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection? What do you think of the range?

Until next time..

Zinita x

5 thoughts

    1. Me too! I know what you mean. It would have been nice if they were the same price as the normal range but they have said it’s because of the exchange rate from USD. If you are ever in the US it will probably be cheaper to buy them there!

  1. Really want to get my hands on these, but I don’t know how to justify buying even MORE make up brushes. I want these simply based on how pretty they are!

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