The London Instagram Walk Tour with

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago Carissa from Vanilla Crush invited me along to an Instagram walk tour. I’m not new to Instagram or anything but I’d never heard of a walk based on Instagram! I was definitely intrigued about this and jumped at the chance to go on it. The really cool thing about this walk in particular is that Alanisko who takes amazing pictures on Instagram was leading the tour.

We started off around Waterloo and walked along the Thames until we reached London Bridge. Of course there were many sites to see on the way like The London Eye, The Millennium Bridge, The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe and so on. It was definitely a gloomy day that day and super cold so of course Starbucks was a must on the day! (yummy Signature Hot Chocolate). Whilst we were doing the walk we were uploading our pics to Instagram under the hash tag #matchinstameet (if you want to check out all the photos that were taken).

Alan taught us a cool trick about taking photos near puddles to get a reflection to make pictures more interesting  which came in handy with some of the pictures I took. After we finished the walk, we headed down to a pub, had a drink while Alan was picking a few of the best pictures. Sadly I didn’t make the winners list but hey there is always next time! I really enjoyed it and definitely want to go on another one around another part of London.

It’s funny I’ve lived here almost all my life but was venturing into new roads and parts I’d never seen before.. like did you know we have a beach in London!?? Which houses Homer Simpson drawn up by another talent #MartinArtman.

Here are some of the pics I took which you can also find on my instagram page ‘beautyandthepayroller‘ and don’t forget to check out ‘Alanisko‘ on instagram too! The best part.. Alan follows me on Instagram now :)!

Until next time..

Zinita x

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