Burberry Weekend for Women EDP

Burberry Weekend for Women

Hi all,

If you read my last product empties post, you will know I ran out of my favourite perfume. Since then I debated over whether to repurchase as I have done before but I decided to try and find a new scent and there are literally tons of perfumes out there. Carissa from Vanilla Crush and I were in Boots trying out fragrances and I spotted the Burberry one. I love Burberry the mens collection on men of course.. so I really wanted to see how it compared to the women’s range. I picked up a bottle of Burberry Weekend 100ml.. and on sale at only £22.99 where the RRP is £58! What a saving indeed.

Onto the fragrance itself, it’s a floral fragrance, more on the citrusy side which seems to be what I typically like (I am quite bad at being able to tell this for myself as you can probably tell – I’m more of a sniff and if I like it it’s mine). Base notes are cedar wood, sandal wood and musk which is interesting because I didn’t think I was much of a musk fan. It also contains nectarine notes, peach flower and wild rose.

It’s quite a light fragrance I would say it’s not overbearing and quite subtle which I prefer for the day time. I’m not really fussy about where and when I wear my fragrances during the daytime or nighttime. The only thing I look for is subtle scents as strong perfumes tend to give me headaches!

So far I quite like this one. It’s not the most portable of bottles as you can see from the picture its quite bulky but lucky for me I have a Travalo so I can depot this into that if I want to take it away on holiday or keep in my bag for top ups!

What new fragrances have you come across that you love?

Until next time..

Zinita xx

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