Additions to my MAC Lipstick Collection

mac lipsticks

Hi all!

If you have read my MAC lipstick collection you will know last year I built up quite the collection considering 2014 was the year I bought my very first MAC lipstick. Since then I have acquired 4 more MAC lipsticks so I thought I would do another post to add them in.

Again for reference I am NC42 in foundation shades at MAC.

MAC Russian Red NC42

Russian Red Matte £15.50 – I have heard so many good things about this lipstick at its suitability for Indian skintones. I love my reds so adding another one to my collection always pleases me!

MAC Craving NC42

Craving Amplified £15.50 – I love nudes and everyday lipsticks and this is a perfect everyday lipstick when I want a bit more colour but still not over the top.

MAC Rebel NC42

Rebel Satin £15.50– a few of my friends own this lipstick and it looks incredible on them. Thankfully those friends are pretty much the same shade as me NC42 and so I already know how it will look on me. It is much darker than what I am use to but I am willing to break out of my comfort zone for this lipstick!

MAC Diva NC42

Diva Matte £15.50 – Diva Diva Diva – what a beautiful red shade. It’s a fantastic vampy colour and will serve me well during the remainder of the winter.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Until next time..

Zinita x

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