First Impressions – The Body Shop Mango Premium Selection

The Body Shop Mango Premium Collection

Hi all,

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot believe we are already in 2015, 2014 flew by so quickly! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays and getting some R&R before we all head back to work tomorrow..snore!

Today’s review is a first impressions post on The Body Shop Mango Premium Selection* which I received from my Manager at work for Christmas… male manager may I add so very impressed it’s not socks! I have tried to find it online and can’t so I can’t tell you what the value is but I will try find out from a store if I can. I will leave the full price of each individual item as per The Body Shop’s website. I have used each item once or twice and so this is purely a first impressions review.

The Body Shop Mango Premium Collection

So what did I get you ask?

First up is the Mango Body Butter 200ml £13. This is the second body butter I own from The Body Shop (the first is the one from the Wild Argan Oil collection which you can read here). This body butter smells incredible, mangoes smell amazing! It is also quite soft unlike the Wild Argan Oil one which is more solid for some reason :S and is really moisturizing. The scent of the body butter isn’t too overpowering so I can still wear perfume.

Next is the Mango Sugar Body Scrub/Exfoliant 200ml £13. I love my scrubs, they help take away that dead and rough skin feeling leaving a lovely glow and soft skin. The Mango scrub definitely helps with that and an added bonus is this is one of the scrubs that leaves your skin feeling moisturized afterwards. Some people don’t particularly like the film that some scrubs leave but for me I don’t mind as it helps lock in moisture and for my body which is extremely dry this is definitely needed! In combination with the body butter my skin is very happy.

Have you every tried any of The Body Shop’s body mists? I already own the vanilla one which I adore, I wear it quite often as it’s very subtle and makes me feel nice and fresh. While I am happy to try a different one I am not sure the Mango Body Mist 100ml £7.50 will be my favourite, it’s not really my type of scent for a perfume but it does smell lovely.

I love lip balms and probably own about 10 scattered everywhere between my room, my bag and my desk at work. Adding a new one to the collection is never a bad thing for me. The Mango Lip Butter 10ml £4 comes in such a cute little pot and on first use it feels really moisturizing and again smells great! All in all I have to say I’m quite impressed with this collection and it will definitely be coming in handy during these cold months to keep my skin under control.

Lastly the set had a loofah which is so tiny and cute! but I prefer using a larger one so I may save this for a holiday so it gets some use!

The Body Shop Mango Premium Collection

What do you think of The Body Shop collections? Any favourites?

Until next time..

Zinita x



2 thoughts

  1. Happy New Year! Lovely post, I’ve used the Body Shop Jasmine and Lily I think that’s the scent it was in a pink and white packaging. The body butter and body wash smelt really nice and moisturising. I ended up not repurchasing it as I’d seen a similar scent in Superdrug fraction of the price. 🙂 xx

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