My Top 3 Favourite Nude Lipsticks

nude lipsticks

Hello hello all!

It has taken me forever to find nude lipsticks that I like and that are flattering on my skintone. ‘Back in the day’ I wore nude lipsticks that were way too light and looking back at those pictures now.. yes I am cringing!

So as I learnt that nude’s do not mean blend in with the skin so much that it looks like you have no lips… I started to look for pinky, browny nudes slightly darker than my lip colour to look more natural on my skin. So far I have found 3 favourites that work for my NC42 in MAC skin tone/4.5 in Bobbi Brown/Syracuse in NARS for reference.

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink Lipstick

First up is my lips but better shade from Bobbi Brown in 64 Blondie Pink. This is actually my first lipstick from Bobbi Brown and I love it. It is more of a browny pink nude. It just helps enhance my lips and even them out as mine are quite pigmented at the top lip naturally. It also looks more natural as it isn’t a matte finish. It’s more of a creamy texture with a little gloss.

MAC Fan fare lipstick

Second is my newest discovery from MAC… the shade Fan Fare. I did a bit of research from other bloggers and youtubers with the same skintone as myself and this seems to be a favourite among them. This is a peachy pink nude which is nice when I want a hint of colour but still to remain nude. This one is in my handbag most days as it is a creamsheem formula it’s quite moisturizing and I love it with a dark smoky eye.

MAC Mystical Lipstick

My last one was a limited edition from MAC’s Alluring Aquatic collection. MAC’s Mystical lipstick is similar to Fan Fare but seems almost more purple. I love the packaging from this collection.. the blue with the water droplets is absolute genius! The best I’ve seen by far. This is the darkest of the nudes I own but again one of my top 3.

I tend to switch between the 3 depending on how I feel that morning on a daily base! Also for nights out if I have opted for a smoky dark eye I will usually pick one depending on how well suited it is to eye.

What’s your favourite nude lipstick? If you have any more recommendations for me do tell!

Until next time…

Zinita x

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