My Workplace Essentials

work place essentials

Hi all!

Today I thought I would talk about 2 items that are always on my desk because for me they are a necessity in my day to day job.

I don’t know about you but my hands and my lips suffer the most with severe cases of dryness. I constantly have to moisturize otherwise it ain’t pretty!

My first item is the Vaseline 2 in 1 handcream and Anti-Bac which is amazing because it moisturizes whilst disinfecting my hands and its non greasy which means I can start tapping away at my keyboard straight away. It’s usually £3.75 which is great but at the moment it’s on offer at Boots for £2.50!

My next item is the EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet. EOS have been so innovative in designing the the egg shape of the lip balm which allows you to use the product directly on your lips rather than any hand intervention. The lip balm itself is pretty good too! It’s really moisturizing and lasts for much longer than other lipbalms I have tried considering there is no petroleum in it. They use nourishing oils instead which is a great alternative… and it smells/tastes amazing.. (hands up who licks their lip balm/gloss). Selfridges £6.50.

Any essentials do you keep on your desks at work?

Until next time…

Zinita x

6 thoughts

  1. I”m not personally a huge fan of the EOS balms, but I do keep a mini vaseline tub on my desk! The really tiny ones that you can throw in your purse! I also always need to have water with me, or some kind of drink!

    1. oo I love vaseline and all the options they have! I have water too.. maybe I should have included that in the post. and green tea! thanks for commenting x

  2. Lip balm is an absolute MUST! I cannot leave the house without it. I really want to try out these EOS ones, they look so cute! I love a basic vaseline pot but also something on a stick incase I don’t want to get my fingers greasy. I am lucky in that I don’t get dr hands so I don’t have to worry about hand cream. On the other hand though, I always need a pack of tissues because my eyes water when it is cold and my mascara runs down my face! Such a nightmare hehe
    Love Sass x

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