Mini Lush Haul

2014-10-19 14.28.06

Hi all! So I haven’t really bought much from Lush in the past aside from a Bubblegum Lip scrub which I love. But I always hear amazing reviews about their bath products. I mainly take showers for convenience but sometimes it’s just nice to have a bath and relax so my recent trip to Lush had a goal in mind.

Honestly speaking Lush can be a bit daunting, they’re are tons of products and I didn’t know what to look at or what’s good and so on. Thankfully the consultants at Lush are amazing and were very helpful. I came back with three things so here’s what I bought…

2014-10-19 14.29.35

Snow Angel Bath Melt

This bath melt is part of their Christmas collection and is so adorable and sparkly! It has so much glitter it does keep transferring to my hands every time I pick it up. I am a little worried I’m going to be covered in glitter when I use it in the bath. I chose this one because it smells gorgeous and is moisturising as it contains cocoa butter.

2014-10-19 14.29.18

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Again I chose this one by smell….It smells fruity and refreshing and it’s pink! Looking at other reviews it seems quite popular and I’m looking forward to using it. I quite like the idea that you just break a piece of to get a full bubble bath.

2014-10-19 14.29.12

Charity Pot

And finally I bought a Charity Pot miniature version for £1. It’s not just a hand and body lotion. There is so much more behind this product. 100% of the cost is donated to grassroots organisations to help them continue their great work. It’s a lovely idea and I’m happy to partake in helping the charity by buying the product. It’s such a small pot but holds a lot of product. You need just a tiny amount to moisturise your hands and is perfect for travelling as it’s incredibly slim. This is definitely a handy product to throw in the clutch bag when there is no space for a hand lotion bottle.

2014-10-19 14.30.00

And that’s all from my Lush haul… anyone been to Lush recently? What did you buy and what do you love?

Until next time…

Zinita x

9 thoughts

  1. Ooo may get my hands on the hand lotion!

    The snow fairy is literally lush my sis has it but in just like you I’ve not gone in because it’s so daunting!

    1. oo, Has your sister used it yet? She doesn’t get covered in glitter does she? Yeah it’s a bit like MAC! I will be sure to make more trips until I get comfortable with Lush.

  2. I love lush cosmetics so much I have to purchase something from lush every month I prefer online though and so grateful for the samples that they add to the parcel cos then you can try them and if you like it then purchase it

  3. My favourite bubble bar is Brightside – looks like Comforter but it’s orange and yellow. It’s made with three different types of orange oil and smells so damn amazing. It’s nice and citrus-y without being too sharp; its like sweet orange! Hahah.
    I actually work at LUSH so I’m glad you had a great experience. Right now I have So White shower gel and American Cream conditioner on my wish list – I’d given myself a spending ban but that never quite works out! 😛

    1. oo! thank you so much for reading and giving me ideas of what I can buy next from LUSH! I couldn’t even initiate a spending ban.. I’m just too bad!

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