I’m going back to school….

Hi all!

Apologies for the very short post today. This week has been crazy busy and I just haven’t found any time to write posts. I thought I should at least post something instead of creating a gap and so here is a little life update…

As I work in Payroll there are a number of qualifications that go alongside it from the body CIPP (equivalent of CIPD for HR). I will be doing a Foundation Degree in Payroll Management (3 years) alongside my full time job. It’s more a flexible degree where you only have to go in for tutorials twice per module, not 5 x a week or anything like your typical university degree.

I am excited to study again but so nervous.. I haven’t studied in around 3 years and very scared of going back into student mode without crashing and burning.

The reason for doing the degree is to increase my knowledge of UK payroll so I can be better at my day job. It’s also becoming an industry standard now to be CIPP qualified when applying for payroll roles.

On the upside… I get 3 more years of student discount and boy o boy will I be using that to the fullest!

And that’s all for today.. again apologies for the lack of this post I will have other posts coming out every 3 days as per usual hopefully better planned in advance!

Any of you guys going back to school? Or have done this recently… any tips for me? Any tips are welcome as I will need all the help I can get!!


Until next time…

Zinita x

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