The Review – Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein

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Hi all!

Today I’m discussing the wonderfulness of Nailtiques Nail Protein in Formula 2. I was first introduced to this product from a YouTube video (sorry I can’t remember who’s channel it was) and then did my own research into other people’s reviews and they are all so positive!

A little history behind my nails – I had been biting my nails since a baby all the up to the end of last year where I finally stopped (a whole 24 years later). Since then they have been growing and I have been working on getting them stronger. However with all the damage from biting my nails were ridiculously weak and would break anytime they grew. It was so frustrating as I tried different things to try and strengthen them.

After hearing the great reviews about Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein, I decided to purchase a bottle and test the hype hoping this would save my nails. Nailtiques have different formula’s between 1 and 3 I believe. 3 is for very bad nails, 2 is for weak and bitten nails and 1 is for healthy nails. The formula 2 contains different ingredients such as Calcium, Protein and Hydrolysed Keratin to help promote strong and healthy nails.

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I have been using it for a week and a half now. The way I apply it is a thin layer on clean nails and then add a layer each day until the 7th day where I remove it all and start again.

So far I am blown away!! The biggest issue I had was with me nails breaking – so far so good! They have not broken and they feel a lot stronger (they don’t bend as much). And as an added bonus they are helping my nail beds get a bit longer. Due to my nail biting my nail beds were soooo small and it was very unsightly. But now I feel more confident going with bare nails! They also look more even all round.

2014-09-14 12.40.42

In the short space of time I cannot believe the results. I am going to keep using it for a few more weeks to really see how far I can take this product but I am really pleased.

Anyone else tried this? What did you think?

Until next time…

Zinita x

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