My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Bloggers

top 5

Hi all!

Today I thought I would talk about the people who actually made me think about writing my own blog. I had been following their blogs and youtube channels for almost a year and it made me believe I could do this too! These 5 are my absolute favourite and am always waiting for the next post to read kind of like the next chapter a good book.

I hope they won’t mind me using their photos for my post because it just isn’t the same without them.

Click on their pictures to be whisked away to their blogs!

In comes Anna from ‘Vivianna Does Makeup’. Anna was the first UK beauty blogger I found on YouTube. After watching some of her videos I was already hooked. Then I found out she has a blog on which she posts daily guys! If you are into your natural makeup looks and neutral eyeshadows Anna is your girl. She has also introduced me to so many new brands!


My next favourite blogger has to be Patricia from ‘Patricia Bright’. Another UK blogger with a YouTube channel who does beauty, fashion and some food posts. Patricia is great, she has concerns about her body like most people out there but speaks out and talks about it and gives tips on how to eat better and her exercise routines. She has a great fashion sense, I always go gaga over her look books.


My next favourite is a beauty guru from Canada – Farah Dhukai from ‘Dhukai’, beautiful and talented, Farah always has the best DIY tips and natural remedies for all kinds of things from skin care, to hair care, to hair growth! Speaking of hair – I have NEVER seen longer natural eyelashes that the ones Farah possesses – severely jealous. Be sure to check out her blog and her youtube channel!


Another favourite of mine which I am sure you all know of is ‘Tanya Burr’. This woman is truly inspirational. She is so sweet and down to earth. She has produced her own line of Lipglosses and Nail Polishes Tanya Burr cosmetics(I hear the range may be expanding soon).. She also has her own edit with She is a pleasure to watch especially her vlogs I love tuning in on her and Jim’s daily activities. She is a beauty blogger/youtuber as well. (Tanya and Jim do the best collaborations with so many familiar youtubers – always fun to watch!)


My last but not least favourite blog to read is the ‘Desi Beauty Blog’. Now I believe multiple people write for this blog and I think that’s one of the reasons its so great! They are tailored for Desi’s (Indians) talking ahout beauty to fashion to home remedies and so forth. Anyone can read this blog of course, I believe there are tips in here that everyone would enjoy. It’s definitely worth checking out! I have learnt so many amazing tips from this blog that I incorporate into my routine!



Now even thought these are my top 5 I read soo many blogs and love so many of them but I think the post would get super long if I added them in!


I hope we share some  beautybloggers to read/watch in common! If not please comment and tell me who your favourite beauty bloggers are!


Until next time..

Zinita x


Disclaimer: Photos used have been taken directly from the blogger’s site. They have not been intended for any purpose other than in this post.





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