Grease Control…

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My dear fellow combination/oily skin readers..

You start off in the morning make up applied beautifully. Happy with it you go out and then…

a few hours later you look in the mirror and O.M.G your face is shinier than a new car.

I hate those days too! So I have a few tips I use every day to help keep oil at bay throughout the day! (Hey I rhymed!)



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I know some people find primers to be a gimmick but honestly for us oily/combo skinned girls this is a must step to be implemented into your make-up routine!

Try find a primer specifically meant for oil control or has a matte finish to stop the oil peaking throughout the day.

Some of my favourites are…

Benefit – The Porefessional £24

Nars – Pro-Prime Oil Free Primer (no link sorry I think this may be discontinued)

Laura Mericer – Foundation Primer Oil Free £19

To apply – After moisturizer before make-up. You can either apply this all over the face but a primer like the porefessional I stick to just my T Zone where I get the oiliest.


Step 2 – POWDER

2014-08-31 16.42.56

If you have dry skin – steer away from powders as they will clinge for dear life onto your dry patches! But for oily/combo skin this stuff will do you some serious favours. Apply a setting powder (after foundation and concealer) to the areas where shine peaks through the most (usually forehead, nose, chin and a little on the cheeks).

This will not only set your foundation and concealer but provide a matte base and absorb the oil before it has a chance to push through.

The best I find to use are finely milled loose powders. My fav at the moment is the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder in Translucent. £19.95

Another tip – if you have really oily eyelids like me (eyeshadow primer alone does absolutely nothing for me even the UD Primer Potion! Use the eyeshadow primer on the lids first (I know what I said but wait for it…) and then use a translucent setting powder on them! And Voila!! It gives that extra insurance for oil free lids!


Step 3 – ready SET.. go

2014-08-24 17.36.14

Setting sprays – these things are a god send. They release this magical water that takes away the cakey look left from powders and helps makeup last longer. My favourite is the UD De-slick setting spray £9 designed specifically for us oily/combo skinned girls to ensure our makeup lasts for days without looking shiny. This is especially good for those who don’t like a matte finish. A setting spray will set all your makeup in place and will make the powders look like skin again. Perfect.


Step 4 – BLOT

2014-08-31 16.45.26

Throughout the day, sometimes you just can’t escape the shine. There are those days where your skin gets more oilier than others even when you use the steps above. For those times – STAY AWAY FROM THE POWDER. Applying powder on top of oil can make it look very cakey as you are layering powder on top of all the other layers.

My tip for this instance is to opt for blotting powders such as the DHC Oil Blotting Paper £4 These can be picked up anywhere (I bought mine from Selfridges).

You take a sheet and pat it over your skin gently where you are getting oily and it will pick up all the excess oil. Sometimes it looks pretty gross I won’t lie! But when you look back in the mirror you look fresh as a daisy. I love seeing my face look renewed again after using these.


Try these out for yourself. I would love to hear if they work for you or even more if you have other tips on oil control as I am always looking for a way to keep oil at bay.


Until next time..

Zinita x

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