The Review – Seche Vite The Top Dog

2014-09-02 18.49.45

Did I say top dog… I mean top coat!

This little 14 ml bottle is my holy grail nail product of all time! This was first introduced to me by Lily Pebbles, beauty blogger and youtuber on one of her videos. She wears by this stuff and is a nail polish addict so I definitely trust her opinion when it comes to all things nails.

So I went along and bought it. At £9 its not a bad value for the product, not too expensive or too cheap.

2014-09-02 18.50.00

From first use I have been completely addicted to it. I refuse to use anything else as a top coat because nothing

– dries as fast as this allowing me to put nail polish on just before I run out of the house

– gives as glossy finish as this baby. It can almost mimic a shellac manicure which is double points for me!

– helps my manicure last those few more days (especially when I am feeling too lazy to paint them again).


Lily was definifetely onto something with this one. I love and thank her for the awesome recommendation!


Any other Seche Vite fanatics out there? Love to hear from you!


Until next time..

Zinita x

4 thoughts

  1. We LOVE Seche Vite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s our FAVORITE #1 top coat!!!! For those who are just in love with the product like us, you can buy a 4 fl OZ bottle online at or for about less than $10 US !!! And also buy the Seche Vite Thinner, 4 fl oz (no other thinner mixes with Seche Vite top coat) for less than $6 US so your Seche Vite top coat never thickens and you always have the right consistency!
    -Mei Ling & Amarachi from Doing The Most ©

  2. I had this a good few months back and hated it! I was so eager to try it as everyone was raving about it but it just didn’t work for me! Yes it gave me really shiny nails but within a day my nail polish was peeling off in huge chunks (pretty much the whole nail in one go). Maybe I just had a dud I dunno x

    Beauty with charm

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