Product Empties #1


Welcome to my first product empties post! I have been gathering a few products that I have used up to the last drop and today I will be providing my opinions on them and whether they are worth a repurchase or not..

Starting with the base… I recently used up my favourite eye cream by Origins; The Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer by Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins.

I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this product and have repurchased it! For those of you who are dark circles under your eyes and have a dehydrated under eye area this is the stuff for you! I use it day and night apply a thin layer around under my eye and around the socket. In the morning I am always amazed at the results! There is barely any darkness showing, it looks like I’ve had a full 8 hours sleep when most of the time I haven’t.

It’s great stuff and I highly recommend it!

2014-08-24 17.02.50I also just finished using up my facial moisturiser – Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (For all skin types).

This product I still feel a bit undecided with. The product has lactic acid in it to help skin rejuvenation. Its a very light weight moisturiser and you only need to use a small amount for the face and neck. It doesn’t aggravate my skin  and it definitely helped with my dry patches. But the smell! I personally can’t stand the smell and really had to grin and bear it until the end! And with regards to skin rejuvenation I’m really not sure I saw any difference. All I do know is keep that product away from your eyes because it burns!

For this one I have not bought a replacement but instead bought my good old Ginzing Face Moisturiser from Origins which smells like chocolate orange – much better.

Maybe a few months down the line I will miss the Philosophy Hope in a Jar and repurchase… but for now its a no.

2014-08-24 17.02.56

(Okay I am so sorry! I have just realised how horrible the pot looks.. sorry!!)

I wrote a whole post about this next one but I was coming to the end of my Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil to the point where I had to cut the bottle in half to dig out the rest of the product… the only downside of this cleanser, so I bought a nice new one for when this one runs out. I always have to make sure I have this in stock otherwise I’m just not a happy bunny. I have tried alternatives to removing my makeup like the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm but I didn’t like the texture, the pot was too bulky. I also try used Bioderma the product that is raved about so much and I just don’t enjoy using it as my skin feels really stripped off all the natural oils after I use it. It also takes a few cotton pads and product to fully remove my makeup.

The Clarins Pure Melt cleanser is my favourite by far. I always go back to it and I am now going to move on to my 5th bottle of this cleanser. I love love love this product. If you want to read a more in-depth review of this cleanser click here for my blog post on it.

2014-08-24 17.02.39

When I started noticing less product coming out of the tube of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, panic set in. What on earth was going to cover up my dark circles now! This stuff has been amaze-balls at covering up my dark areas under my eyes, staying put and crease proof. It’s a great shade for me to use as a highlight (Ginger). At the moment I am scraping every last drop of it out of the current tube but I have bought a backup just incase as I honestly can’t go a day without using it!

2014-08-24 17.03.26

And finally my last empty has been my Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray. I only discovered setting sprays earlier this year and since then I have been hooked. The first one I tried was the All Nighter setting spray by Urban Decay and if I’m entirely honest I didn’t particularly like it. I didn’t like the finish and I didn’t feel like it helped with my combo/oily skin (I bought the small travel size bottle and it’s still in my cupboard barely used). Then I spotted the Oil control version and I was sceptic at first but the great thing is the travel size versions are half the price so it didn’t feel as much of a loss if I didn’t like it.

But.. I loved this one! I adored the finish, my skin looked more natural with a slight glow rather than all matte or overly dewy. It really helped with my oil control to the point where I stopped looking in mirrors every few hours to see how shiny my face had gotten and go blot. I loved using it so much that I ran out of my bottle pretty quickly and have repurchased it again but in the larger size hoping this will take me a bit further!

For those with combo/oily skin who don’t like a matte/powdery finish I highly recommend this product as it does wonders for oil control and keeping the skin looking like..well.. skin.

2014-08-24 17.36.14

(Please note the picture I’ve taken is with the larger bottle as I already binned the original travel sized one.. eep)

And that’s all for now. I couldn’t really predict when the next empties post will be out but hopefully I will have some new things to talk about!

What have you used up recently that was worth a repurchase?


Until next time..

Zinita x

3 thoughts

  1. I need to try the Origins eye cream as I always have dark under eye circles and nothing’s worked so far! The Clarins cleanser ha sheen on my wish list for a while, I think I’ll have to pick it up when I use up my current products x

    Beauty with charm

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