MAC’s False Lashes Waterproof Mascara Review

2014-08-14 19.10.47

First of all… I’ll talk to you about my lashes. They are not particularly long and super straight! No standard mascara can hold a curl at all so I only use waterproof mascaras to hold the curl (I add normal mascara on top if I want more volume or length).

My usual mascaras come from the drugstore, which I’m quite happy with. When I was in MAC sometime ago I spotted the False Lashes Waterproof mascara…It has to be great right?High end, false look effect and best of all waterproof. Wrong. I am super disappointed with this product and here’s why.

2014-08-14 19.10.24 2014-08-14 19.11.23

This mascara did not hold a curl. If the packaging didn’t say waterproof I would think this is the normal formula. It also didn’t look like I had falsies off or anywhere near that effect. My Max factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof mascara does a better job at half the price. All in all.. really not impressed with this one, I honestly thought high end may be better but I think I will stick to my drugstore mascaras.





Although… if you have the same straight lashes as me and have a good recommendation for a waterproof mascara from the high end of the beauty spectrum I would be more than intrigued to know!


Until next time…

Zinita x

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