My Origins Collection

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Ever since I discovered Origins a year ago I have been completely obsessed! My collection has gotten pretty large in my opinion because I adore their skincare, in particular their eye cream and face masks!

Where to start where to start!!

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I will start with my favourite of the bunch. This eye cream is honestly magic! When I hit 24 all of sudden I started noticing these dark circles under my eyes! Oh my gosh I said, this cannot be happening! When I popped over to origins the consultant introduced me to this and I am hooked! This is actually my second pot now. It really does help minimize the darkness under my eyes which means I use less makeup trying to cover them up! Result! Click here to view the product.

2014-08-14 19.03.17

My next favourite has got to be the Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. I love a good clay mask for my combination skim but it can leave my skin feeling really tight. This stuff is amazing. It goes on smooth, dries in about 20 odd minutes and once I rinse it off my skin feels AMAZING!! So soft and it feels like new skin. I love this mask I use it twice a week to help clear up my skin and make it look new again. Click here for link.

2014-08-14 19.03.25The rest of these are in random order now. This face mask has been raved about on so many blogs so I thought I have to try it! So I bought and I do like this mask. Your skin feels amazingly supple in the morning but the SMELL! I don’t use it often because I really can’t enjoy it through the distract of the scent of this mask. Click here for link.

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I’m sure everyone has heard of dermabrasion and how amazing it is for your skin, so when I spotted this in store I thought this could be some what similar. This is one very grainy exfoliator. It is very good, you can use it wet or dry on skin and it feels like its taken a layer off your skin! It feels great after. My only criticism… do not let that product anywhere near your eyes. Most things have a keep away from eyes but this is no joke. It burns! Click here for link.

2014-08-14 19.05.15There is nothing better than a lovely smelling moisturizer. I have this amazing body one from Garnier but its nice to have one for the face too. In comes the Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturizer. This stuff smells like orange chocolate! I do not lie! And it works a treat too. It really wakes up my skin in the morning and the smell is just heavenly. This is my second pot now! Click here for link.2014-08-14 19.03.42 I don’t really go shopping for Toners I just have one I use from Clarins that works perfectly for me. But a consultant on the Origins counter was helping me with products to help settle my oil control and pores! They introduced me to the Zero Oil Toner. Whilst this products works really well, makes my skin feel squeaky clean it has a strong alcohol smell. Click here for link.

2014-08-14 19.05.08The GinZing Refreshing eye cream came in a set with the GinZing moisturizer. I have been wanting to try this out as I am already super impressed with the other eye cream and moisturizer. I haven’t used this much yet so my opinion probably isn’t fully formed yet. I do prefer my Dark circle minimizer to this one. Once I use it a bit more I can do a proper review. Click here for link.

Have you tried any Origins products? Which are your favs?

Until next time…

Zinita x

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  1. That was such a helpful post, I’m intrigued to try their products, only thing is I’m finding an eye cream with anti aging in there too and I don’t think origins has that? 😦 xx

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