What’s in my travel makeup bag..?

2014-08-13 19.31.58

Hi all! I thought I would show you what makeup I take around with me on a daily basis when I go to work.

I have all my make-up items plus a few other bits and bobs in a clear zip case from Boots.

My lipbalm comes everywhere with me and my favourite to use is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. The one I have has spf 15 which is great to protect my lips!

I also keep some lip products to top up during the day or if I fancy a bit of colour. I usually rotate my lipsticks but I always seem to have my NYX Lip Cream in Bonfire.

Next is not technically a make up item but is used in conjuction with one. If you have oily or combination skin blotting sheets are you best friend! I carry around these DHC ones from Selfridges to help absorb the oil that peaks throughout the day!

2014-08-13 19.33.34 2014-08-13 19.33.40 2014-08-13 19.33.48

With that I repowder sometimes. Not as often in the sunny weather as I don’t particularly like the matte look. But just incase I keep the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder in Translucent. This is an amazing powder. Pressed but so fine and sets makeup perfectly.

2014-08-13 19.32.18 2014-08-13 19.32.30 2014-08-13 19.32.39

and that’s it for makeup really. I don’t tend to carry alot with me on a day to day basis. But if you are interested in what else goes in my bag I’ve noted it down below!

Handcream – Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. I won’t lie the smell takes getting used to but now I find it relaxing. It works like a charm and not greasy! love it.

Hairbrush – Don’t think I need to explain the importance of this one to be honest! I think mine is one of those hotel ones hah but does the trick.

Mirror – for those moments I’m in the middle of nowhere!

Juice cube – my emergency charger. This gadget is amazing for when your battery dies while you are out and about. It has saved my butt a few times now!

Perfume – I love to carry perfume with me but those bottles! I know they look pretty but they are not appropriate to carry in your bag! So I picked up a Travalo gagdet which allows me to pump my perfume into a smaller tube which is way more travel friendly! Love!

The remaining things are usually hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, some meds like paracetamol and piriton and of course my anti bacterial gel!

What goes in your everyday bag??

Until next time…

Zinita x

4 thoughts

  1. I loved this post! (I’m nosey so I love seeing whats in other peoples bags!) not only that, but the Hippy Chick mirror!! Bringing back my 90’s memories hahaha love it!

  2. I love the perfume bottle idea, if you see a post of me with it you know who I was inspired from 😉 lovely post, and I think everything you mentioned is in my travel makeup bag is a must 🙂 .. xx

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