My All Time Favourite Cleanser…


All time favourite? Strong words I know but this my honest opinion. I have repurchased this product 4 times already, tried others in between (including the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm) and still go back to this one.

So what is this mystery product I am referring to? In comes…

Clarins – Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

A mouthful I know but ever since one of the Clarins consultants introduced me to this I have been hooked!

This cleanser is amazing at getting rid of every trace of makeup including waterproof mascara! You squeeze out a 10p piece (this is ifi have a full face, less if I have less makeup on) and rub the gel onto your skin to loosen the makeup. Next add a little water to the mix to turn the gel into a milky texture which pulls the makeup and dirt away from your skin. Rinse with water and voila makeup gone and fresh clean face left!

2014-08-03 19.13.52

It makes taking makeup off so easy, even faster than a makeup wipe! So even on those lazy days it’s hassle free.

After cleansing, my skin doesn’t feel tight or stripped off the natural oils on my face.

It’s a great all round product and retails for £20 which is a fair price to pay for a great product. Click here to see the product.

I’ve added some swatches and a photo-demo of the product so you can see the magic for yourself. And I had to choose the most budge proof makeup item I had which of course is the Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner.

2014-08-03 19.06.05 2014-08-03 19.09.37

2014-08-03 19.07.21

2014-08-03 19.07.52

2014-08-03 19.08.22

As you can see from my worn out bottle it’s time to purchase bottle #5 very soon….


What’s your favourite cleanser?


Until next time..

Zinita x


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