The Review – Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

Now I was lucky enough to have an invite extended to me by a fellow blogger Vanilla Crush for the Vichy press event featuring the Normaderm Night Detox. When you are very new to blogging being invited to an event like this is just wow. And this one was especially special to me as it was my first event as a blogger.

The event was held at the Ham Yard Hotel in Piccadilly Circus. Can I just say this hotel is amazing! It has a cinema and a bowling alley?!?! Totally amazing venue. The PR team had arranged for Grease to be played at the Hotel’s cinema which was definitely the choice for the night as the product being showcased was about battling the grease… but on your face!

The great thing about Vichy is everything is scientifically explained so you really understand what the products do for your skin. They talked about sebum production on your face and how it is at its peak at midnight and midday. The Night Detox is designed for use in the evening after cleansing and this helps control sebum production during the night to leave your face feeling fresh faced looking in the morning rather than the greasy film people sometimes see. This product also continues its work throughout the day lessening the sebum production at the second peak during midday.

The Night Detox claims to

  • Control excess sebum
  • Imperfections appear reduced
  • Pores look less visible
  • Radiant complexion
  • Clear skin feeling

I have tested this product out for the past week, mind you it has been a very hot week (the temperature in London has been scorching hot) and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I have combination skin meaning a very very very oily T Zone. I am constantly trying to blot, powder or something to take away the shine.

When it comes to using the product I squeeze out a pea size of the Night Detox and pat this over my skin. At first it feels tacky on the skin but that quickly fades and the skin feels quite soft. After a good nights sleep in the morning I most definitely noticed my skin looked like well skin. Clear skin feeling check. It wasn’t oily or shiny check. Excess sebum controlled check. It looked almost like I had just freshly cleansed. It was great! During the day I did notice some oil peaking in around the T zone but not as much as before. I wouldn’t say it helped as much for during the day but definitely enjoyed the results I saw in the morning.

I will keep using it to get a better picture of the product but so far I am impressed!

Vichy – Normaderm Night Detox retails for £15.99. Not a bad price point at all!

Until next time…

Zinita x

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