The Review – Benefit’s They’re Real Push-up Liner

Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner

Now I’m sure everyone has heard about the launch of this amazing new pen shaped gel liner on the market that’s black as black and enables you do to the cat eye like a master.

Benefit released a second and third item into their They’re Real range. The Push-up liner and the Remover around the end of June.

I am a sucker for any tool that will help me do my eyeliner. I currently use a brush and a gel pot (hate liquid liners as they seem to burn my eyes!). So of course when I heard this was out I ran over to Boots in Central London and got my very own Push-up Liner which retails for £18.50 (here)

First of all well done to Benefit on the sleek packaging.. a little black pen perfect for the handbag on the go and no muss no fuss.

Secondly I’m sure you all have all heard about the acruflex tip of the eye liner which allows you to get extremely close to the lash line as it gently pushes your eye lashes out of the way. See below for the pics you can see for yourself how close up I managed to get!

And lastly.. who else like me cannot do a wing to save their life? Mine always turn our horrendous so I always play it safe with either no wing or a teenee tiny wing for a bit of drama. This pen does the job for you! It makes it so much easier to map out the wing to ensure you get a perfect line, even better it helps you match it across the other side too for extra symmetry ;(. You girls know how much we love symmetry (same brows, same wing liner and so forth).

And on another note this stuff is JET BLACK/matte black too and it does not BUDGE for anything. Halleluiah!!

Tip: Benefit has released an eye make remover to help you with the process without loosing eyelashes or premature ageing (omg guys) but I’ve tested with this a normal oil cleanser and it does the job just fine.

All in all I would give this product a 9/10. It loses a point for how fast it dries, if you make a mistake its extremely difficult to correct it without starting again. Also you can lose some product from the twisty motion it can be a bit slow getting the product to come out and then over twist I would say just do it slowly.

Take a look at my pictures below I’ve demonstrated different liner styles you can try with the push-up liner! What do you think of the product? I would love to hear your comments.

lowliner double

lowliner single

This is a more natural everyday look. The pen allows you to make a thick or thin line which is great!

thickliner single  thickliner double

If you want to go a bit more dramatic you can always make the line thicker as shown.

wingliner single open

wingliner single closed

wingliner double

For that extra drama try adding a wing! the Push-up liner just makes it so easy to extend the wing because of the way the tip is designed.

Until next time..

Zinita x

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