My current top 5 Nail Polishes!


Top 5 Nail Polishes Hi all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely hot weather this weekend. The sun makes everything better in my eyes!

So on to the post…

I thought since I’ve managed to stop biting my nails I have actually been able to go out shopping and choose nail polish colours for my finger nails this time instead of my toes only!

At the moment these are my top 5 that I reach for and use more regularly than the rest of my collection.

I will leave links to where you can buy them also if you want to grab them for yourself!

So my favourites are a mix of brands and in no particular order our first pick is…

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 570 Right Said Red £5.99

This polish is a 3 in one; base coat, colour and top coat rolled into one polish. This is my perfect shade of red for my toes and my fingers. One coat and this baby is done! I love it its so quick and fast drying.


Next is Essie’s Nail Lacquer in Mind Your Mittens £6.94

Don’t you just love the name? This is a lovely dark  blueish greenish mix shade. IF that made any sense, the picture i’ve taken doesn’t show up the colour very clearly but it’s so nice and I am completely obsessed with it! Again one coat and i’m out the door. Essie have a gorgeous colour range to suit everyone’s needs!


Essie Nail Lacquer in In Stitches £7.99

Another Essie one in the mix. As I said earlier they have a great selection and amazing quality. Lets not forget the brush! I love a fat brush it just makes it so much easier to apply polish quickly in one or two swipes on your finger nails and especially makes it easier for the toes. I always feel like the thin brushes leave streaks everywhere and you end up applying too many coats to try and cover it up. But back to the shade.In Stiches is my ultimate nude, it’s like a dusty rose colour but so flattering on my skin tone (NC42 in MAC, 7.5 in Giorgio Armani Lumi Silk Foundation for reference)


Tanya Burr Collection in Bright and Early £4.99

I am super excited to talk to you about my next favourite. This one has been developed by Tanya Burr! One of my favourite Youtube’rs to watch. She recently brought our her own line of nail polishes and lipglosses in Superdrug and When I found out I knew I just had to buy it. So I ran out to Superdrug and found this lovely coral shade called Bright and Early. I would have bought more except a lot of it had already gone off the shelves! The price point is also amazing at £4.99!

This shade is beautiful and really screams summertime! It’s a fun colour and great quality (2 coats and it’s perfect). Packaging is adorable, I much prefer bottles being square shaped as it’s easier to store. But definitely well done to Tanya for getting her own line and I wish her the best of success.


and finally

Barry M Nail Paint in 310 Mushroom £2.99

This is my other favourite nude. Mushroom, this is my very tame shade I wear mostly for interviews and work. It goes with everything and is very subtle against my skin tone. Barry M have a great nail polish collection which are easy to work with and fast drying I definitely recommend these. Mushroom was also the shade I wore the most when I was growing my nails out so. This was so I had polish on to stop the urge to bite them but something very neutral that it didn’t stand out to other people.


I could do a nail care post somewhere down the line if you guys like? Let me know in the comments or via twitter. I always love to here feedback.

Until next time..


Beauty & the Payroller



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