How to calculate your hourly rate..

Since I do work in Payroll I thought maybe I could shed some light on a few common queries people seem to have regarding pay. 

Please bear in mind this is for UK pay only this may not apply to other countries as they sometimes have different methods.

So… do you work a contracted set of hours each week? Are you paid a monthly salary? Want to know your hourly rate? See below..


Lets say you earn £20,000 per year (thats roughly £1,666 per month).

And you work a contracted 37.5 hours per week.

To work out your hourly rate you take…

Your annual salary and divide it by 52 (Weeks in a year).

Then you divide this number by 37.5 (or whatever hours you work per week)

and voila = £hourly rate.

Example below

£20,000 / 52 = £384.62 (which is your weekly rate)

£384.62 / 37.5 = £10.26 per hour.



Hope that helps some of you lovelies out there. Now back to the important stuff… beauty 🙂


Until next time…

Zinita x



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