IMATS UK June 2014

So I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to the IMATS for Saturday 28th June and of course I snatched it up right away. Looking forward to this all week when the day finally came I was up at the crack of dawn (6:45am is the crack of dawn for me) got ready and headed out. (if you want to see what I wore check out my instagram page @z_inita but I went pretty casual…comfort is everything when you are on a serious shopping spree).

The IMATS was held in Kensington..beautiful town. Upon arrival of course there was a HUGE queue to get in but luckily it was a speedy one and in no time we were inside. Now where do you think my first stop was? I’ll give you a hint.. they have the best lipstick collection… No? Okay.

So MAC was our first stop and straight to the lipstick section. After that it was MakeUp Forever, of course I ran for the HD collection. NYX had a 45 minute queue to get into the concession… whattttt and yet I still waited.. and bought a bunch of goodies! Few more stops and 3 hours later I was happy and ready for some coffee and my bed!

I will be posting detailed posts of what I bought at the IMATS but for now to keep this short I will stop here.

Until next time….

Zinita x


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