May GlossyBox

May Glossy Box

So… I signed up for a 3 month subscription with Glossy Box! For those of you who haven’t heard of this it works like this.. you sign up for a x month subscription which costs around £10 per month. You do a questionnaire to let them know what kind of products you are into and what area’s you want to work on etc. Every month you receive a personalized box containing goodies based on your questionnaire which in value will be worth more than the £10 you paid. So the BIG question I guess is… is it really worth it?.. I’ll let you know after I recieve my last box in June.

So I started this in April and I did already receive my April box but I thought I would start with May as I just received it.

This particular Glossybox was in collaboration with Superdrug who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary!So everything in this box is available in Superdrug… Not sure how I feel about that. I guess it’s good if I want to repurchase anything in my box but bad that it’s nothing very exclusive if you know what I mean.

This month my box consisted of..

2true PRO – 3D Candy Nail Art

Maybelline – Great Lash Mascara – Very Black

blowpro – Blow up daily volumizing conditioner

B. – Sheer conditioning lipstick

Vaseline – Spray & Go Coco

and my bonus products

Garnier – Oil Beauty Lotion Sample

Ghost – Fragrance Eclipse Sample

Now time for the review… which will not be in order i’m afraid!

So the Vaseline Spray & Go. When I find out about this product launch, I think i literally jumped up and down… Moisturizing is just a pain in my bum for me. I am super lazy and I thought this is the answer to my prayers! It does spray well and evenly and is easy to blend. It soaks into the skin very quickly so you can just put your clothes on and be out. BUT what I will say is if you have very dry skin like me it’s no good after a few hours. It isn’t potent enough to tackle my dry skin so I will be sticking to my Palmers Cocoa Butter for now..

The B. 075 Merlot I do love to hear about new makeup brands and see what they have to offer.. but this was a nono for me. It was a bright red colour which i didn’t mind but when i went to apply it.. oh my glitter… it was so shimmery which I definitely am not a fan of. When i took it off i had glitter residue all over my lips. Not a fan of this but I am hopeful the rest of the B. range is better!

blowpro’s volumizing conditioner… to be fair I haven’t used this enough. My hair is as flat as a pancake at the roots and i hate that. I just can’t pull off the Jennifer Aniston in Friends middle parting super slick hair. I guess this did add some volume but I need to do more testing before I give a definitive answer.

the 2true PRO nail art – I honestly don’t know why I was even given this in my box. It was a pot of micro balls (i guess) which you apply to your nails to spruce them up a bit. Firstly the colour… blue/green. I dont know what I would even do with this. I opened the pot to take a closer look and about half the bottle poured out over my bed. Not happy with this one at all.

Maybelline The Great Lash Mascara… I actually have had my eye on this one for quite some time…but since I own about 10 different mascaras I never bought it. My eyelashes are super flat and short. I generally only use a waterproof mascara because it is literally the only thing to hold my lashes in their curls. Whilst the brush is quite cool it definitely didn’t clump and gave me some volume it didn’t hold the curl at all and my lashes went back to straightsville. I may try this on top of a waterproof and see if that helps!

Now for the bonus product samples

The Ghost Eclipse Fragrance – floral like scent..not bad but not my favourite.

The Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion – I mean if you have the body scrub in this range oh my it smells so amazing! and it is a great product. Now the body lotion.. I really wish i got this in the full size… the smell is just so AMAZING! and its very nourishing on my skin. Love love Love!

All in all I guess I only liked half my box. Bit of a hit and miss with this box but not a bad effort!

If you would like to shop the products click on Superdrug for the link to their website.

Until next time..

Zinita x


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