How I overcame my nail biting habit…


So… anyone who has known me for a while knows I had the WORST nail biting habit ever. As you can probably see from the top left picture (below) they were short, out of shape and I didn’t dare wear nail varnish in public (aside from that picture where I was playing around…I stupidly didn’t take any before pics aside from this!).

I used to get acrylics done at the nail salon every now and then to give myself a little boost and it made me feel better and more feminine. I did everything under the moon to stop biting my nails from rubbing lemon juice on my fingers, chilli, that gross nail biting stuff to help stop but nothing could stop my habit.

Eventually I just lost hope and decided not to bother anymore, it was what it was…that was until late last year. For some miraculous reason I just stopped biting them. I couldn’t tell you the reason I honestly have no clue but surely enough my nails started to grow and that brings us to picture 2 (top right hand corner). My nails started taking some shape and getting long enough for me to start wearing some nude nail polish. BUT my nails were so brittle they were thin and kept breaking every 5 minutes.

Deciding enough was enough I popped down to Boots and tried to find something I could use to help my nails get a bit stronger. In enters ‘Sally Hansen – Nailgrowth Miracle Growth Treatment’. Now I know its not a nail strengthener but this stuff really did the trick. It helped add a bit of thickness to my nails and oh my did this stuff make my nails grow fast! I was so impressed and within a few short weeks my nails (bottom left hand corner) were stronger and longer and I was happy to start painting them in brighter and bolder colours.

Continuing with the SH Nailgrowth I also added in the ‘Sally Hansen – Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps’ base coat. Within another few weeks we come to the bottom right hand corner picture. My nails were now super long and much stronger than ever before. They even started taking better shape. They still need work and unfortunately I slip up every now and then but I am determined to kick the habit once and for all! I mean I just love instagram’ing all my new nail colour picks!

I hope I’ve given someone out there some tips on how to help your nails grow long and strong or even some possibility that it can happen!

Until next time…

Zinita x


My nail growth progress

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