Covering the Bases…

Covering the BasesWhen I was in my teens, I had an even skin tone, no bags and barely a pimple in sight. On the rare occasion I actually got a spot my method was to dab a bit of foundation on it and done! How lucky was I? Right?

Wrong! A few years down the line and my skin has just never been happy since! Its uneven, spotty, scarred AND I have panda eyes. My old method clearly doesn’t work anymore so I’ve opted for a new routine (as per picture above).

FYI I have combination skin: Super oily T Zone and dry cheeks

In total I use 5 products to help get my face look flawless again…

The Primer aka the oil (and life) saviour:

Honestly the amount of times i just wore foundation without a primer and by the end of the day it looked like I had been for a 10 mile run.. yuck. Since discovering primer my oily T Zone has been under much better control. I go back and forth with 2 primers, ‘Benefits – The Porefessional’ It really does make your pores vanish! Amazing stuff and the ‘Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer No Oil’.

Now its time to correct and conceal:

No one does correctors like Bobbi Brown. This baby banishes the dark circles I seem to get on a daily basis now. I use the ‘Bobbi Brown- Corrector in Light Peach’. After that to add some brightness back to my eyes I whip out the ‘Nars – Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger’ which is full coverage, a shade lighter to add some brightness and crease proof! For the scarring and redness around the rest of my face I always reach for my ‘MAC- Pro longwear concealer in NC42’

Next its time to even out my skin tone. This means ‘Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 7.5’ comes into play. This stuff is just WOW. Feels and looks like skin, great medium coverage and has a great finish. This is my everyday go to in the colder months.

And last but not least time to Powder down! As I have combination skin I have to powder my T Zone otherwise all hell will break lose! So I have 2 powders which I use on a day to day basis. ‘Nars – Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Pressed in Translucent Crystal’ and ‘MAC – Studio Fix Pressed Powder in Shade NC42’. The Nars one goes under my eyes to maintain the brightness from the concealer I placed earlier and the MAC powder goes across my forehead nose and chin to help reduce shine and oil throughout the day. I try to leave my cheeks free of powder otherwise it looks super dry and takes the glow away.

So that’s a wrap guys, I hope you enjoyed the long read for my first post!

Until next time..

Zinita x



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